Eric Trump reupped the old mistruth that his father was the first president in US history to not start a war while in office.

Eric Trump repeats false claim that his father was first US president in history not to start a war

This false statement, which was repeated so widely in 2021, has prompted several news outlets to fact-check to refute the claim.

The parrot was given to him by the former president's son during an appearance on Newsmax on Wednesday.

He’s anti-war … he didn’t want to go to war,” Eric Trump told host Eric Bolling of his father. “He’s the first president in the United States history that didn’t start a war

In 2021, Reuters and several other news outlets produced fact-checks that would debunk the baseless claim that was raised by the president's second son.

For Reuters, which acknowledged that defining when a war begins and ends is muddying business in itself,